Mankeerat Sidhu

Welcome! This is Mankeerat Sidhu. I am currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My interest lies in Audio Signal Processing, Acoustics, speech processing, Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction. I currently perform research in the Augmented Audio Lab under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Singer and Dr. Ryan M. Corey. In the lab, I have worked on MARS and recently published in the Proceedings of the ASA Meeting. My current interests are in Sound Field Synthesis, Adaptive beamforming, sound recovery/processing all through an intersection with Machine learning and DSP. I am also highly interested in NLP and Information extraction and would be joining the Blender Lab to work on NLP and IE research. I have done many projects on these two interests alongside others which can be found on my Github and on the Projects/Blogs

For more information, please contact me through my email,